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What to Wear to your Family Session

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Regarding the Above Infographic… The tips and suggestions above are just that. Suggestions. You should wear something that shows your unique style. Wear something you love. Wear something that you feel good in. Start with Mom’s outfit and then work from there. You want everyone to coordinate and complement but not match. Think of it as one cohesive outfit.

Regarding Comfort… We want everyone comfy for the session! Part of that is having everyone try on their cloths prior to the session so any problems can be addressed. Check your outfits from all possible angles in the mirror. Try sitting, squatting, leaning forward etc. Does your daughter’s adorable A line dress look good when she’s sitting on the ground? Or does it ride up and show her undies? Kids cloths should work well in motion so that we can play during your session (think flying, tickling and hanging upside down!).

Dressing for the season…Make sure everyone is dressed in something seasonally appropriate. There’s nothing worse that being miserably uncomfortable in a perfect outfit. In the fall, layers are a great way to deal with the unpredictable weather. Think about coats, gloves, tights (for girls) and hats.

Accessories…These are one sure way to take your outfit from average to amazing! Think scarves, cardigans, blazers, belts, suspenders, jewelry, fun socks and hats.

Don’t Forget Shoes… Shoes are often the forgotten last element, but they can make or break your outfits! Steer away from athletic shoes and bright white sneakers. Or if the weather permits, consider going barefoot!

Now let’s have some fun and capture some amazing memories of your family!


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What to Wear by Katherine Chambers

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