I’m asked this questions A LOT…”what equipment do you use”? I know. I know. You’re dying to know. Well…here are the answers! As you can see, I’m a Nikon girl for sure. That was my first camera and I’m still in LOVE with my Nikon D3 (I still have my D2X as a backup). My favorite lens’ are my 50mm 1.4 and my 85mm 1.4. I love my 105mm macro lens for all the really close up shots of newborns. Although I shoot with primarily natural light I still have my Nikon Speedlight with photottix wireless flash triggers to keep the flash off camera. Finally, my fun camera bag is from Kelly Moore.

I wish I could say that owning all this fab equipment will make you a great photographer but, well, it just doesn’t. You must study the art and science of photography to really get the most out of your camera and accessories. I’ve studied photography in school and in the real world and I continue to learn on every single photo session I go on. There’s no short cut. It’s not rocket science but there is a learning curve. Thanks to digital photography (what I would’ve given to have that when I first started out!) it’s much easier to see right away if what you’re doing is working or not. I shoot on manual mode and you must learn to shoot this way to achieve the look you’re going for. Camera stores I recommend are Dodd Camera, B&H and Adorama. Oh and last but not least, don’t forget to have FUN!!

Inside My Camera Bag

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