Hello! Thanks for scheduling your holiday session with me for the 2021 Season!

I’m going to tell you everything you need to know to prepare for the session!

As you can see, this year’s theme is RED!Holiday Photo Session


While I love PJs on little one’s, if you are doing family photos I recommend wearing either dressy or casual outfits. Colors in red, white, gray, black, cream, navy blue and green will all look great on this set. If it’s just the kids, PJs are adorable!

PJs in this photo came from Amazon and Carters.
Santa outfit below is also from Carters.
The Holiday Shop at Carters has lots of cute outfits as well.

If you’re going the PJ route, for little girls, a long white nightgown would be adorable (think nutcracker)! Lots of options on Amazon.

AVOID Clothing with logos, graphics and writing on the front. This can be distracting in the photo.

Family Outfits

If you are doing family photos then regular outfits with shoes would be best. Baby’s don’t need shoes. I love to see their little toes. But adults and kids 2ish and up should have matching, clean shoes unless you think the dress or outfit would be cute with bare feet. I’m not opposed to that. But your feet will show in some of the photos.

Dressy cloths would look great on the Red set. Black, white, red, green, navy, cream would all look great on this set. You could also do more casual outfits, like sweaters and jeans in those colors. Try to stay within a color palate of 1-3 colors. At the very bottom are some shop suggestions for parents.


Prep info for the session

  • Please arrive on time for the session. Dressed, hair done, faces wiped and ready to go. These sessions are back to back so there’s very little wiggle room. I want to spend the most time possible capturing images.
  • Order clothing now for your session. DO NOT wait until the last minute. Shipping has been terrible this year.
  • Try on all cloths before the session. That way if there is a wardrobe malfunction we can fix it ahead of time. Make sure the kids are comfortable and happy with their outfits. No scratchy tags or uncomfortable cloths.
  • Make sure everything has been ironed or steamed. Wrinkles do show up.
  • Make sure everyone is fed before the session. No hangry kids (or Dads).
  • I do have a few props for the session. Hold off on bringing any food or bribes. This is a quick session and I want to keep the focus on just being there, happy and focusing on the task at hand.
  • Parents, come with a happy attitude. We want the little ones to be laughing and happy with genuine smiles. Think about some things that make your kids laugh and let’s do that. If you’re stressed and yelling they will not be genuinely happy for the photos. If you’ve you prepared for the session with the above tips then I will take care of the rest. I don’t expect kids to be perfect.

Lastly, I know this goes without saying but if you become sick (fever, cough, runny nose) or your child becomes ill before the session, please let me know asap. I will allow you to apply your session fee towards a future session. Let’s keep everyone safe and healthy. 🙂

Don’t hesitate emailing me if you have any questions!

Clothing for Parents


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