F&Q on the Cards and Mini Albums

Cards and Mini Albums should be ordered through your gallery. Click on ANY image in your gallery and at the top click on “Buy Photo”. There you will see the different options. Once your order has been placed you can reach out to me via email to let me know which images will be going on the card and/or albums.

Cards come with 1-4 images on them. You choose the images that go on the card. You can do this by emailing me the image numbers. (ie image number12 on the front and 3, 8, 11 on the back.) Image numbers can be found in your gallery. Click on the image and the number will appear at the top of the screen. Usually it will start with your name_date of session_image number. The image number is all that I will need.

The cards come with a white envelope with your return address printed on it.

If you have your recipient mailing list via a CSV list (or excel) you can purchase your own printed envelopes via Minted or Envelopes.com. You will need a A7 envelope. Cost of the cards will remain the same.

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